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Title Examination


Full coverage 

Our abstractors are capable of performing title exams at any courthouse within the state of Mississippi. 

Convenient Order Request 

Home Land Title can receive orders via phone, fax, or email. 

Dedicated Staff 

We do not rely fully on contractors to complete title exams. The majority of our abstractors are employees of Home-Land Title and are fully dedicated to our customers' needs. By maintaining our own abstractors, Home-Land Title controls the quality of work to ensure delivery schedules that meet our customers' service level requirements. 

Auditing and Review 

Our customers' title reports receive a thorough review by our experienced management team before a final report is issued. 

Continuing Education 

Even though many of our abstractors are well seasoned, we provide quarterly continuing education to ensure our staff is up-to-date on new procedures and the specific operational requirements of our customers. 

World Class Service 

Our objective is to provide our customers with high quality and timely title reports. Our standard objective is to provide verbal and written reports within 48 and 72 hours (respectively). 

Quality Guarantee 

Home-Land Title is insured by an Errors and Omission policy. We stand behind our work and strive to maintain our customer's full satisfaction 


State-wide Services 

closing and escrow services are performed by seasoned and professional staff members.

Scheduled Closings 

We work closely with our customers to schedule closing times and locations that are convenient to their needs and the needs of the borrower (this includes after-hour closings when needed)

Order Online

Order online through our website. See Order Online tab. 


- We have affiliate law offices for closing throughout all of Mississippi and Louisiana.


- Paperless scanning for fast, reliable transmission of data


Additional Services

- Deed review, pickup, and delivery

- Deeds and other legal document preparation by Wilkinson Law Firm, P.C.

Our staff are always available to assist you with general real estate questions. Part of what differentiates Home-Land Title is our desire to assist our customers in resolving their real estate issues. We may not be able to directly solve each problem, but we will provide valuable advice with respect to the problems resolution.